History of Osteopathy

History of Osteopathy

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor Still during the mid 1800s, in the mid-west of America. Still considered health practices of the day to be harmful and ineffective in treating disease and devoted thirty years to trying to find an alternative method to orthodox medicine. His solution was simple and based upon the belief that if the body structure is correctly aligned and functioning normally, along with a good blood and nerve supply, the body’s ability to heal itself will be restored.

He explored different ways of treating patients who suffered with a number of problems, by assessing abnormal function or mal-alignment of their framework. He treated patients using his hands to work on loosening muscles and freeing up joints. He also prescribed specific exercises to help to reduce the recurrence of symptoms and to maintain a healthy body.  His focus was aimed at treating the body holistically- addressing the underlying cause as well as treating the symptoms.

Today, Osteopathy has become one of the most widely received forms of alternative therapy and can provide treatment to a diverse range of people, for a wide array of conditions, without the administration of drugs.

Read more about the history of the profession on the Osteopathy Australia website.

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