Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopath in the Northern Beaches

Treatment from a cranial osteopath may be suitable for a wide range of patients and for many different complaints. Read below to see if it could be suitable for you.  Although the term Cranial Osteopathy suggests treatment exclusively on the head and the sacrum, this gentle, precise and rhythmic approach to osteopathy can be applied everywhere in the body.

So what is it?

Cranial osteopathy is the art of listening to what’s known as the “involuntary motion” or “cranial rhythm” – a subtle, fluid, shape change found in all body tissues. An osteopath uses their highly developed sense of palpation to detect stress and strain patterns within the cranial rhythm. These patterns can be a result of an injury or a trauma. The key principle during treatment is to listen to the involuntary motion and allow the patient’s body to make the changes required from within, without the osteopath enforcing an external remedy for treatment.

The gentle and subtle nature of cranial osteopathic treatment means multiple patients may benefit from it – from young babies, to expectant mothers, to the elderly. It may be effective in the management of certain conditions including, migraines and headaches, digestive disorders, menstrual pain, depression and lethargy.

In the treatment of babies and children, cranial osteopathy may be effective in the management of  many childhood complaints such as torticollis (stiff neck), sleep disturbance, feeding difficulties, digestive problems, flathead syndrome and infant headaches. It may also help babies preceding a difficult birth.

Expectant mothers may find the cranial approach helpful during their pregnancy. It may be of great relief during the developmental changes of the women’s body and could support them through this change without causing any harm to them or their baby.

If you think a cranial osteopath could help you or your baby/child by assisting in treating a problem please book a consultation with Vanessa Fisher.


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