Pregnancy Pain


During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through dramatic change to accommodate for the adaptations of their uterus.  As the relaxin hormone enters our system, which is natures way of getting our body ready for delivery, our structural support weakens just when we need it the most to help us to carry the ever increasing weight of a growing baby.

As a result, women commonly suffer with a variety of aches and pains. These include; neck and back pain, pelvic dysfunction and pain, sciatica and constipation (research link: Muller 2014).

Pre-existing symptoms (e.g. back pain) from an earlier injury or trauma may well lead to greater discomfort as the body tries to accommodate for the changes in posture. Osteopathic treatment, in particular, the cranial approach may help to assist in re-balancing and releasing tensions within the body’s own innate mechanism without imposing any force on the patient.


Once your baby has arrived, your body has to deal with the effects of the dramatic changes that occurred during pregnancy and now the effects caused by the labour and delivery. Trying to cope with this, as well as the demands a newborn places on you (e.g. the intensity of breast/bottle feeding, lack of sleep in the early months, awkward carrying postures you adopt when you are tired) can be extremely challenging. Mentally and physically it is important to get your body back functioning normally. Osteopathic treatment may help to release the stresses and strains caused by pregnancy and labour, which in turn lets you enjoy your newest addition to your family.


At the Willow Clinic, Vanessa could help to reduce any pain and discomfort you may be experiencing whilst your body goes through this change, as well as preparing it for the upcoming challenge of delivery and the demands of a newborn.