Babies and Children

Consider an Osteopath for your Babies and Children

Finding the right treatment for your young loved ones is an important decision. Osteopathy is considered to be a  treatment and at The Willow Clinic we use a light and non-manipulative approach, particularly suited to treating newborns, toddlers and infants. This approach is called cranial osteopathy and you should read on if you are considering using a cranial osteopath for babies and children.

Pregnancy and labour

Pregnancy and labour can subject a baby to enormous stresses and strains. One area under significant strain is the baby’s skull. Composed of soft flexible bone with delicate membranes, it is perfect during labour – adapting under the immense pressure to cope with the demands of a natural birth and still protecting the brain. The flexibility in a baby’s skull, however, makes it more vulnerable to developing stress and strain patterns, particularly when there is limited space in the uterus (e.g. when pregnant with twin/triplets).

Some of these conditions can stem from compression of the bones and linings of the skull and also from tension within soft tissues and pressure on the cranial nerves as they exit form the base of the skull.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy may help to optimise a baby’s physical function by releasing tension within the membranes and restoring overall well being.

Trauma during pregnancy and birth may cause problems for a child as it develops, as well other factors such as rapid growth-related changes, accidents and falls and sports-related injuries. The Willow Clinic provides tailored osteopathic treatment for a whole range of issues which can affect children.

The upmost care is given to provide treatment that you and your child will be comfortable with. As babies and children have less mature joint structures than adults, we only treat them using age appropriate techniques. In line with Osteopathy Australia and the majority of the osteopathic profession in Australia, we do not support the use of spinal adjustments (“cracking”) with babies and young children. You can trust that your Willow Clinic osteopath will determine the very best course of treatment for your child and consider referring them to other medical/health practitioners if it’s in the child’s best interests.