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About Vanessa Fisher

Vanessa Fisher has over 10 years of clinical experience as an Osteopath, working in the UK and Australia. She treats a diverse range of patients from babies to adults. She uses a combination of cranial, functional and structural osteopathic techniques and myofascial needling.

Vanessa Fisher Osteopath BOst (UK)

Vanessa Fisher Osteopath AllambieVanessa graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) with distinction. The BSO is the UK’s oldest school of Osteopathy and is respected throughout the world for providing high quality, innovative and modern osteopathic education.

Her skills as a clinical practitioner were considered in such high esteem by the BSO that she was invited to lecture there. She did  this for 3 years prior to migrating to Australia.

In her ‘youth’ Vanessa trained at the Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts in London. She worked as a professional dancer for 5 years performing all over the world. Vanessa had to retire early from a job she loved due to a back injury. As part of her recovery she received intensive osteopathic treatment, which inspired her new career direction.

Vanessa has an excellent understanding of human biomechanics, along with the physical and mental stresses that our bodies are placed under in everyday life. This has been invaluable when treating a variety of injuries. It has helped her to utilise her skills to manage patients who struggle with everyday activities because of pain and demands they have on their bodies.

Since having children of her own, Vanessa has expanded her knowledge and skill set so that she can pursue another area of interest, cranial osteopathy. It is a technique that she has developed a keen passion for. She has found it to be helpful to a variety of people, which include pregnant women, babies and young children.

Vanessa is the founder and clinical director of The Willow Clinic, which is within The Family Wellness Centre in  Allambie. She is also currently a practising osteopath at Beaches Health and Wellness in Newport. Vanessa prides herself on providing quality osteopathic treatment and a dedicated approach to patient care and well-being.

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